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Back Office Medical Billing

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Medical billing has changed for the better.

The widespread availability and use of the internet, cloud storage systems and electronic medical records software have ushered in a new era for how medical offices and facilities operate. New, more efficient technologies have replaced old processes for managing workflow of claims; from handwritten and transcribed documentation to digital electronic medical billing methods. Medical staff no longer have the burdensome tasks of filling out mountains of paper medical charts, mailing insurance claim forms and filing paperwork. Advances have made the billing process much more streamlined, enabling billing professionals to manage these tasks remotely with even more precision and effectiveness than before.

As the healthcare marketplace continues to evolve, it also becomes more complex and difficult to navigate. The need for the proper management of medical billing and collection has become ever more important, with many doctors and practice managers embracing a back-office, outsourced billing partners to safely and effectively handle the entire workflow. Back-office billing partners can provide healthcare professionals with peace of mind knowing that they have a dedicated representative keeping up to date with continuously changing federal government rules, HIPAA requirements and insurance company policies, and how they affect the billing process. All the while reducing the time and stress needed to constantly train and pay in-house employees.

Because many practices have already moved to electronic medical records systems, finding the right EMR billing provider with the appropriate professional staff in place, and who understands your practice and its technology, is necessary for proper bill collection.

Doctors’ e-Billing has been at the forefront of this evolving industry, providing leading billing for physicians. As EMR billing professionals, the staff at Doctors’ e-Billing handles billing through many of the preeminent providers, including: Medios billing, Quick-MD billing, Meditab billing, Raintree billing, Nuesoft billing, EZClaim billing, MPMSoft billing, and many more. Please ask us how we can help you bill using your EMR/EHR systems.