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How can EMRs improve my medical billing process?

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Because we are doctor-owned and operated, we understand the complexities of running the business end of a medical practice. Billing in the medical industry is unlike other industries in that we, as medical providers, must adhere to strict HIPAA guidelines.

Each medical procedure has its own code, and filling out insurance paperwork is a daunting task that requires great attention to detail and accuracy. Even the simplest mistake on an insurance claim can result in rejection or not being properly compensated for all services rendered.

Doctor’s E-Billing software and practice management services help maintain and file accurate insurance claims and offers a prompt turnaround time in correcting errors and re-submitting to insurance companies for payment. The ability to bill for all services provided is tremendously simplified through electronic software that offers easy and intuitive use than via more traditional forms of paperwork.

With digital files, there is no risk of submitting illegible patient documentation, nor is there a need for dictation. Further, there is no need to organize patient files that can include prescription histories and x-rays, as all files are digitally stored and easily accessible from anywhere with Doctor’s E-billing cloud software. The ability to access information at a keystroke will greatly lower overhead and storage space requirements, while increasing profit margins.

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