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What are the advantages electronic medical records offer medical services?

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The administration of any medical practice, from solo practitioner to a hospital, is a major clerical undertaking. Electronic medical records (EMRs) replace the burden and limitation of physical patient files with portable and secure electronic files. With EMRs, patient histories can be saved in one place and shared in real time for instant collaboration during life-threatening emergencies. Everything in a patient file is made conveniently available and shareable between certified medical professionals from different access points, including portable smart devices.

From a day-to-day standpoint, medical practices are relieved from miscommunication caused by an overwhelming amount of paper, which can include blood tests, hospital stays, X-rays, and prescription history. This significantly lowers the margin of error, such as misinformation on allergies, as EMRs are vetted against prescribing doses that would cause negative reactions in a patient. It also prevents the possibility of patient error. Access to EMRs eliminates the possibility of duplicate testing and conflicts in medication prescriptions. Prescriptions can be synced directly with patient pharmacy histories.

Your medical practice will also reap the benefits of EMR on an office management scale. EMRs reduce the amount of paper used and stored, saving you valuable resources in staff time and filing space. Because some EMRs, such as CareCloud which Doctor’s E-Billing uses, are stored in a cloud, your files are also safe from loss and damage.

If all these great uses and efficiencies through the use of an EMR are not convincing enough, it is also important to note that physicians must adopt and demonstrate meaningful use of an electronic medical record system by October 1st, 2014, or they will be assessed a 1% penalty from Medicare! Prevent your practice from being penalized and move into the digital age of efficiency through electronic medical records and seamless billing.

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